BioNanoNet is the Austrian research network in the fields of nanotoxicology, sensor technologies and health and safety including (nano)medicine.

The association BioNanoNet is the sole owner of BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, which is the operational unit of the platform. Since its foundation in 2006, BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH has established an internationally visible and recognized position in the fields of nanotoxicology, sensor technologies and health and safety including (nano)medicine.

The success of BioNanoNet lies primarily in the networking of national experts with internationally leading key players with the aim of initiating research projects in the above-mentioned areas and acquiring them for the members of BioNanoNet.

As the owner of the GmbH, the association BioNanoNet draws its funds from membership fees and decides on the strategic orientation of BioNanoNet. This structure achieves a strong interaction between BioNanoNet stakeholders.

BioNanoNet's national and international network activities, the acquisition of research projects and the development of expertise and know-how create a sustainable added value for the members of the association.


BioNanoNet is not profit-oriented and aims to strengthen innovative research by promoting cooperation and creating synergies in the field of medical and pharmaceutical research, in particular nanotoxicology, the sensor technologies as well as health and safety including (nano)medicine.

The networking and coordination of leading key players within a network platform is the driving force behind these interdisciplinary and innovative processes in the above-mentioned research areas.

International Cooperation

  • Networking at European level
    • European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SUSCHEM) (Committee member, coordination of the Austrian technology platform SusChem-AT)
    • European Technology Platform Nanomedicine (ETPN) (Committee member, Head of working group Security and Characterisation)
    • European Technology Platform Industrial Safety (Member)
    • NanoSafetyCluster (coordination member)
  • Collaboration in 22 European research projects
  • Co-design of European strategy papers
  • Strategic participation in the targeting of relevant sub-programmes in HORIZON 2020

Areas of work / Topics

The diversity and interdisciplinary nature of bioNanoNet members and their complementary expertise provide answers to the major future challenges and socio-political issues within the broad scope of the Key.

The main areas of focus of the platform expertise are reflected in the areas of "Enabling Technologies", "Health & Safety" and "Data & Sustainability".

BioNanoNet acts within these areas as a network node with the clear objective of efficiently and targeted contacts within the members as well as between potential customers, including from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and the members to be manufactured.

Another important mission of BioNanoNet is to initiate and coordinate national and international research projects along the entire value chain. BioNanoNet brings together relevant players in medical and pharmaceutical research in a "network platform" to increase the international competitiveness and visibility of all actors.

Complementary to the technological orientation of the network partners, BioNanoNet GmbH offers support

  • in the development of targeted concepts for the most secure products that can be implemented in real innovation processes
  • in the coordination of (inter)national research projects and optimally combines classical project management with the special requirements for the intercultural challenges of transnational consortia.

Success Stories / Lead Projects


BioNanoNet has achieved a recognised European pioneering role in nanotoxicology / nanosafety, is a member of the coordination team of the European NanoSafetyCluster and brings the research interests of its members to this level. one.

BioNanoNet is actively involved in the development of national and international research strategies, including HORIZON 2020, and is in a leading role in shaping the strategic orientation of the European Technology Platform Nanomedicine (ETPN) as well as integrated as a member of the industry-driven, cross-sectoral European technology platform NANOfutures.

Sensor technologies


In the field of medical sensors, BioNanoNet has succeeded in bringing together the potential, especially at its Styria site. In order to further strengthen medical sensors, BioNanoNet has significantly supported the development of the "Medical Sensor Solutions" platform, as an association of internationally recognized experts and institutions.

In addition, BioNanoNet has coordinated activities within the framework of the research policy initiative of the Land of Styria to strengthen existing innovation potentials and to open up new research markets for forward-looking topics in the transition area. between humans and technology "Human Technology Interface" for the partners from science and applied research.


The Austrian Microfluidics Initiative (AMI) was launched in 2017 by the Vienna University of Technology to bring together relevant technical, analytical and biomedical expertise in Austria and to identify existing "research-to-product" gaps in the microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip systems and organ-on-a-chip technologies.

The initiative is co-ordinatedly supported by BioNanoNet and the strategic positioning is implemented together with Austrian universities and industrial partners.

Health, safety and medicine

Due to the broad expertise of BioNanoNet and its partners in medical and pharmaceutical research, in particular in the field of "risk and safety" of nanotechnologies, BioNanoNet and its partners have been and will participate in European research projects.

Within the framework of these projects, there has been an increased development of competences, for example in the area of regulatory expertise, which in turn increases the chances for members to participate in international projects.

Nanomedicine, for example, enables targeted drug transport, so that drugs have their effect exactly where disease scourge is to be combated. In this field, BioNanoNet supports the further development of medical applications to improve therapeutic effects and reduction up to the minimization of side effects for the individual.