Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO)

The Association Data Intelligence Offensive is a multi-stakeholder initiative.

The Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO) offers

  • the exchange of experience between offering and requesting users of data-generating and processing systems
  • Community building between data industry stakeholders, as well as consulting and collaboration with technology manufacturers
  • the preparation and forwarding of member proposals to the public authorities, legislators, regulators and manufacturers
  • the establishment of advisory councils, working groups and task forces/working groups
  • the organisation and holding of workshops, symposia, conferences and other meetings on specific topics with lectures and discussions on data business development
  • Lobbying for members' concerns and publication of publications in different types of media
  • cooperation with other national and international institutions in the same, related or neighbouring fields or fields.


It is the purpose of the Data Intelligence Offensive is to support its members and the public ...

  • in the transition to the data economy
  • in the use of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • in optimising the use of AI
  • in market formation
  • in the management of data in terms of security and trust
  • in the exchange of information, know-how and competences among its members.

International Cooperation

IDS (International Data Space Association)

The Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO) cooperates with the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) in Germany. Digitalization is both a driver and a capable driver of innovative business models.
The key resource for business success is data. A prerequisite for smart services, innovative service offerings and automated business processes is the secure exchange and the simple combination of data in value-added networks.

Against this background, the Industrial Data Space initiative aims to create a secure data space that enables companies in various industries and sizes to manage their data assets confidently.

European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF)

DIO was announced by Federal Minister Norbert Hofer in his opening speech of the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) in Vienna in November 2018. The EBDVF 2018 was organised by the BMVIT in cooperation with the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) as part of the Austrian EU Presidency.

In a separate session, DIO highlighted the importance of data economics for the development of innovative and reliable solutions in data-dependent areas such as artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning, and the offer to help companies in transition. on data economics.

Success Stories / Lead Projects

Data Market Austria (DMA)

The Data Market Austria project establishes a data service ecosystem in Austria by creating a significantly improved technology base for secure data markets and cloud interoperability, as well as creating a data innovation environment.

As a flagship project of the BMVIT, DMA brings together important actors from research and industry. The focus is on recognizing that a thriving data market and a functioning data service ecosystem is a key factor for employment, growth and sustainable prosperity for Austria.

The availability of data and its effective and targeted use and use are key components for success and competitive advantage in many industrial sectors. In addition to labour and capital, value chains and organisational processes are decisive factors for production. In this sense, data is the basis for innovative applications of artificial intelligence (AI) with implications for all sectors of the economy.

In cooperation with DIO, DMA and its consortium make a significant contribution to the establishment of a data innovation environment in Austria. This is achieved by building and maintaining an appropriate data community with the involvement of all relevant stakeholders (SMEs, start-ups, large companies, research, administration).

The aim is to create a data service ecosystem that provides community support in legal and economic matters and guarantees the sustainability of the ecosystem through innovative business models.

Part of this cooperation is the so-called data market exploratory projects within the framework of the BMVIT's "ICT of the Future" funding programme. Two calls for tenders invite innovative companies to bring new AI-based concepts to the (data) market. DMA supports companies in the areas of technology, business and legal issues.

Key innovations of DMA include the model data license and the development of procedures for technical implementation using blockchain. Against the background of typed standard situations, the model data license should have a wide range of possibilities for individualization, which favours a differentiated regulation of access to data.

These calls for tenders also contribute to the advancement and identification of the use of the ecosystem through relevant success stories. In addition, the pilot systems developed within the framework of DMA as well as the innovative AI-based applications in the fields of Earth observation and mobility demonstrate the use of the new data service ecosystem.

What has been clearly stated so far is that the interconnectivity of already established data infrastructures is largely non-existent. As a result, the usability of existing data is often insufficient and efficient data use due to lack of interoperability is only possible with a high effort - and associated high costs. Data Market Austria is committed to changing this.