Smart Textiles Platform Austria

The overall task of the Platform is to increase the innovation dynamics in the textile industry in the form of new products, processes and services as well as innovative start-ups, thereby contributing to the positive economic development of the location.

Specifically, Smart Textiles Platform Austria initiates cross-industry innovation and strengthens valuable textile know-how in the following form:

  • Companies and their innovation activities are stimulated by advice, support and support during the individual phases of the project. The platform thus contributes to the preservation or increase of the competitiveness of the entire industry.
  • Through targeted communication and visibility, the platform makes an essential contribution to the positive perception of the economic strength of the textile industry, both nationally and internationally.
  • By initiating and implementing a wide range of further training measures, Smart Textiles Platform Austria makes a significant contribution to strengthening textile know-how across all sectors. A dedicated Smart Textiles Academy is in preparation for this.
  • The platform aligns its activities with the needs of its members. Through constant contact and exchange of experience with partners from business and academia, their range of services is adapted to the needs of the market and its members and can thus react flexibly and proactively to new framework conditions.

Goals / Mission / Strategy

The focus of Smart Textiles Platform Austria is on initiating and supporting projects for the development of novel solutions and products and companies (start-ups) in the field of technical textiles. By strengthening cross-industry cooperation and advancing the use of innovative technologies, new market potentials for the textile industry are to be tapped.

The Platform's activities are divided into the following areas of activity:

  • Boosting innovation dynamics
  • Communication and networking
  • Qualification
  • Textile Business Accelerator

International Cooperation

Through its members, the platform combines the competences of the entire textile value chain - supported by textile-savvy industries. By bringing together the various competencies, textile structures have the potential to become a future industrial key technology.

To promote this development, Smart Textiles Platform Austria offers a cross-industry network of excellent scientific institutions and dynamic companies. Thus, the platform and its members act as essential drivers of innovation and the members of the platform act as partners.

Areas of work / Topics

Based on the core competencies of the members of Smart Textiles Platform Austria and their partners, the following services will be offered through the platform:

Boosting the innovation dynamics

The main objective of the activities is to promote the textile innovation dynamics. To this end, the Platform supports its members in the implementation of research and development projects.
The support ranges from the idea-making and project financing to the implementation and commercialisation of results from the innovation projects. In particular, the platform supports the establishment of inter-company consortium projects and the development of research structures for the field of intelligent textiles.

Communication and networking

The platform aims to make existing skills visible and to strengthen cross-industry exchanges. Through various activities and events, the strengths of Smart Textiles Platform Austria and its members are highlighted as well as an international knowledge network is established. Adequate visibility sends important signals about the performance of the textile industry, thus increasing the attractiveness and innovative power of the platform.


The transfer of textile know-how inside and outside the textile industry is another important task of the platform. In close coordination with various companies and scientific institutions, the existing knowledge is to be passed on and expanded in a way that is to be used.

At the same time, new thought patterns and approaches from other industries can provide decisive impetus. Knowledge is conveyed in the form of workshops, further education projects, qualification seminars or - in the future - the Smart Textiles Academy.

Textile Business Accelerator

In addition to the direct marketing of new products, processes and services, the creation of innovative start-ups is supported in order to commercialize knowledge from textile research projects. The platform supports start-ups in the sense of a business accelerator. In addition, it creates an idea-enhancing infrastructure through an open lab and other activities.

Success Stories / Lead Projects


TEXIBLE Wisbi is an innovative sensor textile that detects bed flight and bodily fluids such as urine, blood, vomit or stool. When an endangered person leaves the bed or the textile comes into contact with a bodily fluid, a signal is sent to the nursing staff and as a result an automatic alarm. TEXIBLE Wisbi is very easy to use and wash-resistant.

Our sensor textile is used both as a bed insert and in modified variants in different care areas. Prompt alerting supports nurses in their daily work while improving patient safety and well-being.

The benefits of TEXIBLE Wisbi:

  • Automatic alarming: Reduced maintenance effort due to alarming when detecting wetness and bed escape
  • Easy to use: Easy to pair with an existing call system or socket receiver
  • Waterproof: Protects the mattress and the linen cloth from moisture and reduces bed linen change
  • Maximum lying comfort: Very comfortable lying through a double roughened cotton flannel
  • Breathable: Minimal sweating due to a multi-layer structure and a breathable membrane
  • 3 times thinner: Thinst, washable incontinence bed insert 3 times thinner than comparable runs
  • Non-slip: No slipping of the bed insert due to a special functional fabric on the underside
  • Highest wash resistance: Washable at 95 °C. The bed side can be cleaned like all common bed linens

QUS Body connected

QUS Body connected is the world's first washable smart textile that collects accurate body data. Intelligent sensors in the QUS shirt record all relevant data without chest strap, store them in the cloud and help to optimize training, fitness levels and health.

QUS Body connected is part of sanSirro GmbH, which has been successfully serving the market for individualised sports and leisure wear for years. However, it became clear very early on that the textile market was hotly contested and that there was a lack of innovation. This was the starting signal to take care of the future of textiles, to set up a digital strategy and to start with the first steps of development.

Now, three years later, the smart textile QUS Body connected by sanSirro has been completed and is now ready for series production. In the first generation, countless data such as pulse, heart and respiratory rate, geodata and much more can be read directly from sensors in the textile, collected on a less than 20 gram electronic unit and collected in one app and in individual dashboards. be evaluated. In addition to the strong focus on sport, this results in numerous other areas of application, such as health and safety at work. The further development of the next versions is being worked on diligently.

The possibilities on the hardware as well as on the software and analysis side are almost unlimited. With QUS Body connected, sanSirro is currently concentrating on a successful European market entry. In the medium term, a strategy for the US market will be developed, due to the enormous response from the two successful participations at CES in Las Vegas and further cooperation discussions.sprächen, eine Strategie für den US-Markt ausgearbeitet.