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Until now, samples used during traditional lab testing procedures in the food processing industry were destroyed in the process. A domestic innovation has changed this, while improving food safety and product quality at the same time.

Short Description

Sensor technology is very useful to the food processing industry, particularly for analyzing a wide range of food parameters. Results and applications that have hitherto not been possible have become reality with new key technologies.

For example, product contaminants can be identified with almost 100% accuracy, as can disparities in sugar, water and dry mass content. All this is now possible, faster and cheaper – and without destroying produce. The researchers built a fully functional new food analyser based on a specialized spectrometer (see Ill.).With this machine, it is possible to quantitatively measure chemical product parameters in food processing flows. Analyzing chemical components replaces time-consuming quality control in the lab.

The project comprises planning, testing and improving individual modules as well as developing, adapting and upgrading the software. In addition, new mathematical methods were developed to investigate and assess the special camera technologies implemented in the food analyser. These had to prove their performance on the basis of reference-analytical lab data collected by the TU Graz.

Gold Medal for Food Analyser made in Austria

The new machine recently won gold at the largest international food technology fair, where it was one of the main attractions. The reasons are clear: automated work process, better quality, higher yield, accurate measurements that deliver more in formation and statistically highly accurate analyses for immediate quality classification, process steering or grading.

The benefits for domestic innovation and Austria as a business location speak for themselves: the entire value chain -development, design, building the devices – was forged in Austria.

Project Partners

Consortium Manager

Infruits GmbH

Other Consortium Partners

  • i-RED Infrarot Systeme GmbH
  • Insort GmbH
  • Technical University Graz

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Matthias Jeindl