The innovation or technology platforms are tools for improving the self-organization of existing communities or, especially in relation to emerging topics, hybrid stakeholder groups and sectors. Despite the support of the public, the platforms are said to be supported by a strong need of the actors for self-organization.

The platforms should include as broad, heterogeneous and representative institutions or stakeholders as possible, which also contribute financially to their diverse activities (e.g. through membership fees) such as

  • Universities
  • Research institutions
  • Industry
  • NGOs
  • Intermediaries
  • Interest groups
  • public institutions
  • etc.

They are usually organised as associations and, through their structure (board, bureau, etc.), ensure a neutral orientation of their activities.

All platforms have the following main objectives

  • Information management
    • Establishment and operation of a national information hub in relation to relevant national and international initiatives and stakeholder groups.
    • Support in providing information and analysis on FTI-related sector issues (R&D roadmaps, market analyses, relevant studies, etc.).
  • Community Building
    Implementation of at least one annual community event (with international involvement), in particular to strengthen the national and international networking and visibility of Austrian actors in the context of AI, as well as partner networking to create new Partnerships and alliances.
  • Strategic orientation
    Strategic, location-based positioning of Austrian industrial or service sectors in relation to international FTI strategies and initiatives.
  • Innovation environment and consultancy
    Exchange on research-relevant framework conditions (human resources, R&D infrastructures, regulatory and governance issues).

The BMK (Federal Ministry for Climat Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology), as the main public investor in applied research and the promoter of the largest technology programmes, actively supports the platforms presented in this brochure.

They present themselves here with their goals/missions/strategies, give insight into their thematic areas and illustrate this by presenting their success stories, good practices or flagship projects.

The BMK sees these technology platforms as a significant contribution to a competitive research and innovation system that is the basis for economic success in the age of digitalisation and the knowledge society.

List of platforms

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)

Depending on the thematic orientation of the platforms, different KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) are relevant to their FTI activities. A qualitative overview is provided in the following matrix.